Why hire consultants who work by remote access?

By Admin • July 13th, 2009

Remote Programming Can Save You Money!

Instant Support
Our consultants can connect into your server or PC remotely from our office using secure interface channels. This allows us to provide you with instant support to virtually anywhere in the United States.

Experience You Can Count On
If you are looking for a trusted technology partner that your employees can call when they need assistance, our technicians are here to help.

It Can Save You Money
If your employees cannot work becuase of a PC or network problem, they are not being productive which will cost you money. The SIS secure support service can save you money and keep your company infrastructure running smoothly.

We provide on-line tech support using a very secure remote connectivity technology. Your employee simply calls us and accepts an invitation for our technician to take over control of their PC or server. We diagnose and correct the problem remotely from our offices.

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