Multi-Value/PICK Programming and Support Specialists!

If you have an existing multi-value database system let us help you manage the enhancement and support challenges.  We are the team other multi-value shops turn to for help.  When you partner with us, we become your full-service IT department!.

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We’ve got the experience to give you Peace of Mind

Our staff of 20 PICK Professionals has, on average, over 20 years of experience in a variety of multi-value database systems.  Some might say we have “over 400 years” of programming and experience!  We have supported UniData, Universe, Ultimate, D3 (Raining Data), PICK OA, R83, Advanced Pick, jBase, MvEnterprise, Prime Information and ARev.

We’ve got you covered

With our affordable monthly support contracts, you can save up to 50% with our discounted hourly rates!  We focus our attention on your business with:
• Custom software design and development
• Fixed-bid and hourly projects
• Existing software modifications
• Bug fix and issue resolution
• WEB Portals for PICK data
• System Administration
• Hardware and Database tuning
• System performance monitoring
• System upgrades and migration services

Contact Superior Information Systems today

Call us or contact us by email to discuss your business IT requirements.  We love the challenge!  You can rest assured as you partner with us to handle all of your multi-value/PICK system requirements.

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  • Experience you can count on

    Our consultants have on average over 20 years of on-the-job experience. Whether on-site or off we are available to help your company meet its goals!


    Here at Superior Information Systems we work as a team pooling our knowledge, skills and resources. When you establish a relationship with one of our consultants you actually gain access to the expertise of our entire team.


    Office Automation
    Project Management
    Database Administration
    Software Development
    Business Analysis
    Web Development
    Quality Assurance
    Systems Analysis
    Technical Support Services
    Security & Systems Admin
    Application Implementation