Business Solutions

It is our mission to help enterprises find the best IT solutions to meet their unique needs.”
                                   Mike Dettle (co-owner)

Whether you are just getting started or looking for ways to streamline certain aspects of your business, you have come to the right company.

Our network engineers and IT consultants can help your company:

  • Recommend  hardware and software that will enhance your company’s capabilities and efficiencies.
  • Design and Install networks and the equipment
  • Assess data and network vulnerabilities and implement security solutions
  • Set up remote access for telecommuting
  • Keep your systems up-to-date with current application releases

Why outsource your IT?

When you outsource your IT it removes a lot off your plate.  Not only are you insured not to have to worry about keeping your systems up-and-running there are also no HR hassles with sick leave, vacation coverage, salary negotiations, and continuous training.  Just think about the weight off your shoulders and the time you would free up if you left your IT to our experts.

Read about our FirstResponse® Managed Services.

  • Experience you can count on

    Our consultants have on average over 20 years of on-the-job experience. Whether on-site or off we are available to help your company meet its goals!


    Here at Superior Information Systems we work as a team pooling our knowledge, skills and resources. When you establish a relationship with one of our consultants you actually gain access to the expertise of our entire team.


    Office Automation
    Project Management
    Database Administration
    Software Development
    Business Analysis
    Web Development
    Quality Assurance
    Systems Analysis
    Technical Support Services
    Security & Systems Admin
    Application Implementation