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Revelation Software’s OpenInsight 10.0 On Schedule for Q4 2014 Release

Revelation Software’s release of OpenInsight 10.0 is on schedule for its Q4 2014 release. According to Robert Catalano, director of sales at Revelation Software, the flagship database development suite is currently under two tracks of development–64-bit support and the redesign of the presentation manager. Catalano also mentioned that OpenInsight 10 will have a rewritten Forms […]

Rocket Software’s UniVerse 11.2 Receives Enhancements for Developers and End Users

Rocket Software’s UniVerse 11.2 software, released in mid-November, has undergone its first set of enhancements. The enhancements will benefit two major groups–partners who are writing their software on top of UniVerse and end users. The UniVerse MultiValue Database software allows the storage of business-critical data with easy access to all relevant information and, among many […]

Rocket Software Completes Acquisition of MultiValue Database Business from TigerLogic

Rocket Software announced that it has completed the acquisition of TigerLogic Corporation’s MultiValue database business earlier this week. Rocket Software posted a welcome message on their website to the new team based in Irvine, California. Andy Youniss, President and CEO of Rocket Software, said of the acquisition, “MultiValue is a unique, NoSQL database technology that is […]

.NET Microsoft SQL Server Deployed

Conversion of  VBA Access “Capital Improvement Plan budgeting” application to VB.NET/SQL Server is a success! Superior Information Systems has successfully deployed a budgeting application for one of the top ten counties in Minnesota.  For this project, we successfully converted a Microsoft Access application used to manage the counties capital improvement budgets, to a  VB.NET Windows application […]