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Revelation Software’s OpenInsight 10.0 On Schedule for Q4 2014 Release

Revelation Software’s release of OpenInsight 10.0 is on schedule for its Q4 2014 release. According to Robert Catalano, director of sales at Revelation Software, the flagship database development suite is currently under two tracks of development–64-bit support and the redesign of the presentation manager. Catalano also mentioned that OpenInsight 10 will have a rewritten Forms […]

Rocket Software’s UniVerse 11.2 Receives Enhancements for Developers and End Users

Rocket Software’s UniVerse 11.2 software, released in mid-November, has undergone its first set of enhancements. The enhancements will benefit two major groups–partners who are writing their software on top of UniVerse and end users. The UniVerse MultiValue Database software allows the storage of business-critical data with easy access to all relevant information and, among many […]

Rocket Software Completes Acquisition of MultiValue Database Business from TigerLogic

Rocket Software announced that it has completed the acquisition of TigerLogic Corporation’s MultiValue database business earlier this week. Rocket Software posted a welcome message on their website to the new team based in Irvine, California. Andy Youniss, President and CEO of Rocket Software, said of the acquisition, “MultiValue is a unique, NoSQL database technology that is […]

Rocket Software to Offer Online U2 Lab Sessions

Rocket Software recently announced they will be offering online lab sessions to help customers get more familiar with new U2 features including RESTful web services and U2 replication. Rocket Software is known for their popular hands-on lab sessions at U2 University’s training events. These new online lab sessions will provide training for everyone. The online […]

jBASE Enhances jEDI Development Kit

Major enhancements have been made recently to jBASE International’s jEDI Development Kit. The jEDI (jBASE External Device Interface) allows applications to seamlessly integrate with foreign databases without any changes to the jBASE MultiValue BASIC application code and logic. The enhancements to jEDI have radically improved the JQL performance for the entire jEDI Suite and recent […]

TigerLogic Announces Agreement to Divest its D3 MDMS Business to Rocket Software

TigerLogic Corporation announced on Wednesday the definitive agreement to divest its Multidimensional Database Management Systems business to Rocket Software, Inc. The sale, expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2013, is worth approximately $22 million in cash. Richard Koe, President and CEO of TigerLogic, citing TigerLogic’s rapid growth over the last 12 months, explained […]

jBase Release 5 Introduces Attractive New Features

The release of jBase 5 brings attractive new features to the world of MultiValue software. One of the most exciting new features is that jBase 5 is heralded as a true 64-bit MultiValue database which means no more hidden 32-bit addressing limitations and larger applications will be handled with ease. Another new feature, ‘Warmstart Recovery’, […]

Rocket Software Seeks Customers to Participate in New Mobile Enablement Program

Rocket Software has launched an early mobile enablement program and is seeking customers running UniVerse or UniData to test it out and provide feedback. Customers should have a need to add mobile applications to their solutions. The early program will focus on capabilities within U2 Web DE and the target delivery date is during the […]

Professional Managed IT Services for your Small Business

If you are not aware, our Desktop Support/Managed IT team offers you an IT department for your small business.  Think about it.  If you have three or more desktop computers or any servers, our team can keep them all up to date for far less money than you might imagine.  We can keep your virus-checking […]

IBM Sells U2 Product to Rocket Software

IBM Sells U2 Product Line to Rocket Software – You need the stable support Superior Information can provide. The UniVerse and Unidata Product Lines have been sold by IBM to Rocket Software as of October 1, 2009. Superior Information Systems has the experience you can rely on to support your U2 applications. We’ve been developing […]